Danny Milner,

Journalist for Pistonheads on his Lotus Elise Sport 135 after his paint correction and SiRamik protection detail.

*Paint Protection Aims

The aim of our paint protection system is not to withstand stone chips nor be a substitute for such products that are made for that specific purpose, although our paint protection system is relatively tough it is not fallible, as many may claim, it is designed primarily to withstand weathering and UV damage, these coatings will protect the paint from UV degradation for upto 3 years and potentially beyond, these figures are though not to be mistaken for how the coatings perform under scrutiny of incorrect wash procedures and or media and chemicals used, our findings are that the system will withstand minor to mild wash marring only if care is taken upon actual maintenance of the vehicle and excessive amounts of harsh chemicals and media is avoided, however should your coatings show signs of wash marring and or surface defects these will to a high percentage be upon the surface of the coating and not within the top layer of your paintwork, hence the term paintwork protection, protecting the paintwork from these defects as opposed to exposing it to them if left unprotected, we advise that each protected vehicle be maintained on a regular basis to freshen up the surface of the coating and keep it in the best possible condition it can be, failure to look after the coatings will allow the coatings to become clogged and appear as though they have failed, this is the case with many ceramic coatings, should your paint show signs of wear from poor wash techniques or chemicals used we suggest a revisit is planned with your chosen detailer.

Paintwork Protection can be a very confusing term and our coatings as stated above should not be confused with such products as paint protection film.